Compressible Flow Calculations

The utility program GASCalc is a Windows based suite of tools designed to calculate various parameters associated with gas piping and equipment.

The program provides the engineer with a huge choice of friction loss correlations and allows the application of many standards and guidelines to the design of compressible pipe flow.



Evaluate GASCalc™

Download a fully functional, model size limited, copy of GASCalc™


  • Calculate compressibility, sonic velocity, and other gas properties
  • Orifice, diaphragm, rotary, turbine, and cone meter sizing
  • Pipe sizing,
  • Regulator, relief, and valve sizing
  • Compressor and well flow values
  • Dimensional and energy conversions
  • Lost gas volumes  
  • External loading values 

Equations of Flow, Standards & Guidelines 

  • AGA 7 - Measurement of Gas by Turbine Meters
  • AGA 10 - Speed Of Sound in Natural Gas, Thermodynamic Properties
  • API 15LE - Specification for Polyethylene Line Pipe
  • GERG - Compressibility Factor Calculation for Natural Gas
  • GPA 2145 - Table of Physical Constants
  • IAPMO - Uniform Mechanical and Plumbing codes
  • ICC - International Mechanical Code
  • ISO 5167 - Measurement of Fluid Flows by Means of Pressure Differential Devices
  • PPI - Polyethylene Pipe Handbook
  • US DOT 192 - Pipeline Safety Regulations


Support for GASCalc™ is primarily provided by the developer. The annually renewable Maintenance, Update and Support (MUS) agreement ensures that your licence is always up-to-date and that timely assistance can be provided.