pipe flow engineering software

We specialise in the marketing and support of pipe flow simulation software 
for steady-state flow of  liquids, gases and slurries in pipe networks. 





AFT software simulates liquid and gas flows in complex pipe systems and liquid flow water hammer. AFT software provides an easy-to-use  interface, proven calculation methods and an excellent graphing capability for the presentation of results.

We now only offer training in the FluidFlow software and provide a consultancy design service utilising the software. 


AFT software capabilities

Steady-state pipe flow systems may contain virtually any type of line equipment – pumps, fans, control valves, orifice plates, heat exchangers - and any equipment item for which a pressure drop characteristic is known. Fluid types may be Newtonian liquids and gases, non-Newtonian/non-settling liquids and particulate (settling) slurries.

As well as steady-state flow, AFT’s Impulse software can simulate unsteady liquid flow conditions (water hammer), such as pumps starting and stopping or valves modulating.



We supply permanent and lease licenses for our software and provide training and on-going support.

Software support is provided via an annually renewable Support, Update and Maintenance agreement (SUM).

We also provide a bureau service for the design of fluid flow systems using our software. We can perform the complete design on a consultancy basis or build your model for handover for you to perform future simulations.

We have developed one-, two- and three-day training courses for our software.




Graeme Ashford, Director of Accutech, has a masters degree in civil engineering hydraulics and has lectured in fluid mechanics at degree level in Australia and England. He has worked in many areas related to fluid mechanics:- in hydraulic laboratories in England and Canada; on water and wastewater, process and fixed fire protection projects; and through Accutech on literally hundreds of pumping and pipe flow designs.

Accutech is based in Perth, Western Australia, and has been marketing and supporting engineering software since 1986. We are sole Australian/New Zealand distributor for  Applied Flow Technology, developers of the Fathom, Arrow and Impulse software . Our software is in use in many of Australia's major mining, process, engineering and petrochemical industries.

We are a Registered Propriety Limited company in Australia.

We have supplied software to International Companies such as Shell, Woodside Energy, Alcoa World Alumina, BP Oil, Fluor, BHP, Calibre, Hatch, Rio Tinto, Worley Parsons and many more.

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