AFT Fathom


Incompressible Pipe Flow Analysis & System Modelling Software

Software from Applied Flow Technology will simulate steady-state Newtonian liquid (incompressible) flow, gas (compressible) flow and unsteady liquid flow (water hammer) in complex pipe system. Non-Newtonian/non-settling liquids and settling particulate slurries can also be modelled.

AFT programs share an identical user-interface where schematics of the pipe systems can be developed in flowsheet format using a convenient drag-and-drop technique.

AFT’s presentation of pipe flow results – flows, pressures, changes in density etc in graphical format - is particularly comprehensive providing the user with informative feedback on the performance of the system.

AFT Fathom is fluid dynamic simulation software for engineers, used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid piping and ducting systems.



Evaluate AFT Fathom

Download a fully-functional licence with specific limitations...

  • Build and run any model with a maximum of five pipes.
  • Build and run models of any size using air, fixed compressibility factor, and pre-set resistances
  • Load and run any of the files from the Examples or Verification directories

Designed for fluid systems containing:

  • Water
  • Petroleum & refined products
  • Chemical products
  • Cryogens
  • Refrigerants
  • And more

AFT Fathom is particularly useful for:

  • Pipe Sizing
  • Pump Sizing & Selection
  • Control Valve Sizing & Selection
  • Simulating System operation and component interaction
  • Evaluating heat transfer in pipes and heat exchangers
  • Troubleshooting existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems

AFT Fathom

  • Accurately simulates individual system components and their interaction
  • Tightly integrates equipment characteristics, analysis and output with your system’s schematic representation
  • Provides a wide array of features without sacrificing your need for a short learning curve
  • Frees you to focus on your system, not the mechanics of software manipulation
  • Significantly improves the quality of systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems

AFT Fathom Features

  • Advanced hydraulic solver using Newton-Raphson matrix methods
  • Detailed modeling for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
    • NPSH evaluation
    • Variable speed pumping
    • Impeller trimming
    • Viscosity corrections using standards from the Hydraulic Institute
    • Wire-to-water efficiency calculation including pump, motor and variable frequency drive efficiencies
    • Power usage and motor sizing
    • Energy cost calculation
  • Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage
  • Integrated graphing and reporting
  • Pump vs. system curve generation including individual head curves and composite efficiency
  • Conduct thermal analysis including piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modeling
  • Calculate the costs of pipes and other components
  • Supports Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
  • Import GIS Shape files
  • Perform fire system analysis in accordance with NFPA and create NFPA specific reports
  • Address viscosity and frictional changes associated with pumping non-settling solids
  • Built-in library of fluids and fittings can be extended and customized
  • Optional Chempak add-on utility provides a thermophysical database of almost 700 fluids




Optional Modules

Extended Time Simulation (XTS)
Model dynamic system behaviour

Goal Seek and Control (GSC)
Automate the identification of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems

Settling Slurry (SSL)
Model the effects of pumping fluids containing settling solid

Case Studies
View Case Studies using AFT software

AFT Fathom Extended Time Simulation (XTS) Module

Model Dynamic System Behaviour

Many design and operating simulation questions can’t be answered without knowing how critical parameters vary over time. Extend your modelling capabilities into the time domain by performing a series of steady-state solutions with variables changing automatically to achieve a dynamic simulation of your system.

The AFT Fathom XTS module lets you define a wide range of actions to occur during the time simulation, including:

  • Tank volume and liquid level tracking (predict how long to fill and drain Tanks)
  • Pump start/stop and speed variation
  • Valve position changes
  • Control valve setpoint variation

Reporting Features

  • Text and graphical output clearly displays time varying parameters such as:
    • liquid height in tanks
    • flow and pressure in pipes
    • pump operating conditions
    • valve position and more
  • Unique animation feature that dynamically displays time varying parameters along selected flow paths

AFT Fathom Goal Seek & Control (GSC) Module

Identify Input Parameters That Yield Desired Output Values and Simulate Control Functions

One of the powerful benefits of system modelling is the ability to evaluate the effects of changing system parameters.

The AFT Fathom GSC module lets you:

  • Save time by avoiding manual iterative analyses
  • Define multiple variables and goals at multiple locations throughout the system
  • Answer questions such as:
    • What pump speed will achieve a specified total flow to multiple, remote tanks?
    • What positioning of multiple valves will yield a desired differential supply pressure between pieces of equipment in your system?
  • Increase your productivity

Modelling parameters that may be used as variables or goals include:

  • Pumps - speed, flow, head rise, impeller diameter
  • Valves - open percent, Cv/K, deltaP, flow
  • Reservoirs - liquid level, temperature
  • Control valves - setpoint, open percent
  • Orifice - diameter, area
  • Heat exchangers - heat rate, temperatures, area, U value
  • Spray discharge - area, K value, exit pressure

AFT Fathom Settling Slurry (SSL) Module

Extended Capabilities for Settling Slurry Applications

Failure to accurately account for slurry properties, changing concentrations and pump performance can lead to system failure and excessive operational costs.

The Settling Slurry Module helps:

  • Predict settling velocity and onset of deposition
  • Prevent plugged pipes and misapplied pumps
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs

This module has been designed specifically for AFT Fathom and can work with your existing models.

The AFT Fathom SSL module lets you:

  • Accommodate a wide range of slurry data
  • Enter properties of solids particles and keep them in a sharable database
  • Display special output reports with im, jm, settling velocity, slurry volume, mass flows and other slurry specific parameters
  • Evaluate multiple design and operating cases using Scenario Manager
  • Generate special slurry system curves, critical to understanding important system velocity limits
  • Use state-of-the-art correlations to predict flow, pressure drop and reduced pump performance when pumping solids
  • De-rate pumps

Modelling Features

  • Specify Slurries:
    • Basic Water Slurry Input - uses water as the carrier fluid and treats all pipes as isothermal
    • Advanced Slurry Input - use any fluid as the carrier fluid, allow slurry properties to vary among pipes, and allow heat transfer and system energy balance calculation
  • Choose from three slurry calculation methods:
    • Minimal - can be used in the preliminary design phase
    • Simplified - additional information is required and gives a better solution
    • Detailed – (default) provides the most rigorous solution methodology
  • Select excess pressure vs. velocity data to calculate a slurry's M parameter
    • Pump Performance:
      • Choose from two pump slurry de-rating methods
        • ANSI/HI Standard 12.1-12.6-2005 method
        • Warman method
    • Calculate system head loss
    • Generate pump vs. system curves for single or multiple pumps that answer key questions:
      • At what flow will deposition begin?
      • When will increasing head with decreasing flow occur?


Accutech provides both engineering and key-stroke support for AFT Fathom backed up the developer, Applied Flow Technology. The annually renewable Support, Update and Maintenance (SUM) agreement ensures that your licence is always up-to-date and that we can provide timely assistance. Send us your design file and we can explain your results, check for errors and feedback suggestions for improving your design. We use our video- chat capability to navigate you through your model, whilst we both concurrently view the flowsheet.

We can provide training on Fathom via our two- or three-day training course.