The Flowsheet

Design and layout of the piping network in FluidFlow is in a familiar flowsheet format using click-and-drag to select piping components from the equipment toolbar in order to add elements (pipes, pumps, valves, fittings etc) to the model. Pipes are rubber-banded between elements. Panning, zooming and cut-and-paste operations are all available to allow you to design your network with minimum effort and maximum flexibility. Piping schematics can be displayed in orthogonal or isometric format.

FluidFlow’s flowsheet presentation of the pipe system makes it easy for you to navigate around large models. The display of input and calculated data concurrently with the flowsheet provides you with an almost intuitive understanding of how the system is performing. Display any input or output data next to a pipe or equipment item (upper image - yellow box) or hover the cursor over any pipe or element to display any user-defined input values or calculated results (upper image—blue box).

Charts show the performance of equipment items such as pump characteristic and system curves (image right).