AFT Arrow Goal Seek & Control (GSC) Module

Identify Input Parameters That Yield Desired Output Values and Simulate Control Functions
One of the powerful benefits of system modelling is the ability to quickly evaluate the effects of changing system parameters.
The AFT Arrow GSC module lets you:

  • Save time by avoiding manual iterative analyses
  • Define multiple variables and goals at multiple locations throughout the system
  • Answer questions such as:
    • What positioning of multiple valves will yield a desired differential supply pressure between pieces of equipment in your system?
    • What compressor/fan speed will achieve a specified total flow to multiple, remote tanks
  •  Increase your productivity

Modelling parameters that may be used as variables or goals include:

  • Compressors and Fans - speed, flow, head rise
  • Valves - open percent, Cv/K, deltaP, flow
  • Tanks - pressure, temperature
  • Control valves - setpoint, open percent
  • Orifice - diameter, area