Hytran is an easy to use, but powerful simulator of water hammer in pipe systems including pipe networks.

Hytran’s graphical presentation of the phenomenon - in real-time along the pipeline as the pressure waves progress and reflect, and at user-selected fixed locations - imparts an almost intuitive understanding of the system performance.


The screen image mosaic left shows a simple pipe flow system consisting of a single pump discharging via 2,250m of 400mm steel pipe to a reservoir at an elevation 40m above the pump. The pipeline image and the steady-state pump performance curves are from our FluidFlow software; the transient pressure pressures at the pump generated by Hytran result from pump trip and column separation at the first high point.

The maximum transient pressure at the pump is approximately three times the pump duty pressure.


Evaluate Hytran

Download a fully functional copy of Hytran, valid for 14 days with unlimited support. 

Hytran Capabilities

  • A simple drag-and-drop technique is used to generate a flowsheet representation of the pipe system
  • Simulate a wide range of equipment items -  pumps, turbines, check valves, control valves, orifice plates, nozzles.
  • Sequential operation (start/stop/fail) of multiple pumps incorporating non-return valve characteristics. 
  • Simulate the performance of water hammer amelioration devices – air chambers, stand pipes, surge tanks, discharge tanks, anti-surge air valves.
  • Column separation and re-join.
  • System performance with control valves.

Water Hammer & Risk

In any pipe flow design a water hammer analysis should be conducted as part of the risk assessment. Read more.

Hytran Enables

  • Real time display of the instantaneous transients along a pipeline profile
  • View transients at any location in the pipeline network
  • Varying flow direction in pipes due to transient pressures
  • Column separation indicator when cavitation occurs
  • Extensive output listings
  • Print transient plots directly or customise graphs via spreadsheet 

Typical Design Applications

  • Linear and network pipe systems – water and wastewater
  • Mine water transfer
  • Process-water distribution systems
  • Well re-charge
  • Fire protection systems

Sneak Preview

Take a quick look at Hytran's advanced graphical display of transient behaviour.

The simulation is of a rising main with a single pump delivering to a reservoir. The transient pressure which occurs at the pump station on pump trip is displayed. Note the following as you run the simulation:

  • Instantaneous pressure variation with time along the pipeline is plotted
  • Pressure variation with time at the pump location is shown in the insert chart (blue line)
  • Flow direction is indicated by the blue arrows (forward flow) and the red arrows (reverse flow)
  • Column separation is identified by black dots in the pipe at the upstream high point


Accutech provides both engineering and key-stroke support for Hytran backed up the developer, Dr Norman Lawgun. The annually renewable Maintenance, Update and Support (MUS) agreement ensures that your licence is always up-to-date and that we can provide timely assistance. Send us your design file and we can explain your results, check for errors and feedback suggestions for improving your design. We use our video-chat capability to navigate you through your model, whilst we both concurrently view the flowsheet.

We can provide training on Hytran via our two-day training course.