AFT Impulse Settling Slurry (SSL) Module

Enhance Your Transient Analysis with Settling Slurry Capability

Building on the foremost software for calculating pressure transients in piping systems, the AFT Impulse SSL Module models waterhammer effects on systems containing settling slurries.

With this add-on module, AFT Impulse is the only commercial software solution that can model both non-settling and settling slurry waterhammer effects.

The Settling Slurry Module helps:

  • Avoid system failures
  • Prevent plugged pipes and misapplied pumps
  • Improve safety by understanding slurry waterhammer transients
  • Expertly handle slurry system challenges

This module has been designed specifically for AFT Impulse and can work with your existing models.

The AFT Impulse SSL module lets you

  • Accommodate a wide range of slurry data
  • Predict slurry wavespeed
  • Enter properties of solids particles and keep them in a sharable database
  • Evaluate multiple design and operating cases using Scenario Manager
  • Use state-of-the-art correlations to predict flow and initial pressure distribution to initialize the transient

Modelling Features

  • Specify Slurries:
    • Basic Water Slurry Input - uses water as the carrier fluid and treats all pipes as isothermal
    • Advanced Slurry Input - use any fluid as the carrier fluid, allow slurry properties to vary among pipes, and allow heat transfer and system energy balance calculation
  • Choose from three slurry calculation methods:
    • Minimal - can be used in the preliminary design phase
    • Simplified - additional information is required and gives a better solution
    • Detailed – (default) provides the most rigorous solution methodology
  • Calculate wavespeed based on properties of carrier liquid and solid particles