Slurry Flow

Non-Newtonian / non-settling liquids:
The following pipe friction loss models for these type flows are included:

  • Power-Law fluid correlation - Pseudoplastic, Dilatant (solution according to Darby).
  • Bingham Plastic correlation (solution according to Darby).
  • Yield Pseudoplastic (solution according to Herschel-Bulkley).
  • Casson correlation.

Settling Slurries:
Five correlations for slurry flow are provided:

  • Durand.
  • WASP.
  • Wilson-Addie-Selgren-Clift (WASC)
  • Selgren and Wilson Four Component Model
  • Correlation from ‘The Application of Liu Dezhong Formula in Slurry Piping Systems’.